Why we started this business

We have always been passionate about animals. Our four, fur children can attest to that. After graduating from college, that passion led me to pursue a job in a local, holistic dog food store. This job really opened my eyes to the world of dog food and treats, and what I had been doing wrong with my own pet's nutrition. Until you are introduced to the holistic and natural side, you don't really know about the horrors of the pet food industry.

After going through a lot of nutritional training, I started to change what I fed to my dogs and cat. Wow! What a difference it made. I could see how much healthier they were, how much more energy they had. I did a lot of research on what was good for dogs to eat, and wasn't used that often for treats. I started experimenting with different treats and chews and ended up with the products we are now selling. I'm happy to say that we have had very good feedback about our treats, and we are developing new ones right now. 

We are so happy we started this business and we hope we are making a lot of dogs happy! 


Stay Pawsitively Wagalicious!



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