Cheers for Beers 🍺 Dog Bandana

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Is it really drinking alone if your dog is there? Bandanas feature different kinds of beer on a black background. Get one for your drinking buddy! These bandanas are cute and perfect for summer!

The pattern on each bandanna may be slightly different depending on the fabric pattern. The same pattern is on the front and the back. 

 Hazel is wearing a size small in the photo. She is 26lbs. 

The ability to slide it over the collar eliminates the worry of it falling off, giving your bandana a secure hold while your dog or kitty plays and is a safer alternative to tying it around the neck.



XS- Cats and small/teacup dogs 0-15lbs (yorkie, maltese)

S- Small dogs 15-30lbs (boston terrier, beagle)

M -  Medium dogs 35-50lbs (pointer, cattle dog)

L- Large dogs 60-80lbs (lab, husky, golden)

XL- Huge dogs 85-100lbs (malamute, mastiff)

Please feel free to ask if you aren't sure of what size to buy. 


These bandanas are made by hand with Love  ❤️ 

Here are a few reasons why dog bandanas are great!
1. They make your dog look super cute!
2. They make your dog more approachable.
3. Help keep an eye on them and make them easier to see.
4. To make them feel special! Our CCO (chief canine officer) Kodi absolutely loves wearing bandanas and always wants us to put one on her. 


Care instructions

Bandanas should be washed by hand and laid out to dry. Fabrics can be ironed if needed.


If your pupper likes to play rough it might be worth removing the bandanna beforehand just to ensure it is not damaged accidentally in all the fun!


Please allow 1-3 days for your order to ship. All items are handmade to order.